Book Review - Celebrate Christmas in July by Reading Royal Holiday

Royal Holiday

by Jasmine Guillory

Genre – Contemporary Romance

Capsule Synopsis – A middle-aged African-American woman travels with her daughter to London. The mother meets a handsome British man who works for the Queen. A mature romance develops.

Main Characters – Maddie Forest, social worker, and Malcolm Hudson, Private Secretary to the Queen

Why did I purchase this book? – There were four reasons I purchased Royal Holiday. One, I bought this book because I had been hearing a lot about Jasmine Guillory on Goodreads. I saw that she was African-American and was curious about how she was expressing black love. Two, since I am a lover of all things Christmas, I bought it in December because I love a good holiday read. However, I did not start this read until January. Third, I was still in my romance period over Europe. I spent almost a month traveling between Spain, Italy, France, Monaco, and England last summer. I always love reading about places where I have traveled. Last, the cover art was just beautiful. There was the mistletoe, cute couple, a woman dressed in pink with a green background (I am an AKA so you know pink and green is my jam.) and there was a castle mimicking Buckingham Palace. What more could you want out of a romance during the holidays?! However, any time is a great time to read this book. We need a little Christmas in July right now.

Why I liked or disliked this book? – I liked this book because it was about black love with middle-aged people. I did not think anyone had written a book like this.

Overview – I am not a romance reader. I love historical, mystery/thrillers and contemporary fiction. My mother and sisters read Harlequin Romance books in the 1970s. One day I decided to give one of those books a try. It was so sappy and about absolutely nothing. I think the man and woman finally kissed on the last page of the book. Needless to say, I was not interested in this type of romance.

Royal Holiday was not that type of romance book. Spoiler alert! There was actual consenting adult sex! It did lapse into a little too much horse riding at one point but I guess that was to support a reading time lapse so the characters would have a logical time to get to know each other.

You will enjoy the "scenery" and love the fact that you are an "insider to the palace." You will also love the fact that Maddie grows in her life perspective. If the romance genre is your thing, Jasmine Guillory is a go-to author.

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