Celebrate Teacher's Appreciation Week

Updated: May 4, 2020

This was not my intended first post for Typography Lust, but this is the closest category these educational and creative materials fall under on my blog.

Life has certainly changed within the last two months. Teachers, at least when you looked at their pay, were certainly not appreciated and definitely taken for granted. Now, they have gone even more above and beyond educating our children and celebrating them at the same time.

I've always known teachers were awesome. My favorite teacher right now is my very own niece, Michelle. She teaches a very active kindergarten class. I checked on what she is doing lately for the class and she is still giving it her all. She even accommodates a student who is autistic and teaches him on a different schedule than the other students. Wow!

When all of this is over, if it ever really is over, I hope teachers permanently get the respect and pay they deserve.

In honor of teachers, share the resources below with your favorite one or anyone else who loves cool learning stuff.

Pre-K through 2nd Grade

3rd through 5th Grade


Arts and Music

English Language Arts

Foreign Languages

Social Studies and History

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