Have Passport, Will Travel

Last year at this time my family and I were busy preparing for our big European trip. Even though we were preparing and buying tickets, it still seemed like a fantasy. All my life I wanted to travel to Europe and now was my chance.

My husband had been telling me since 1992 about his adventures in England during the late '80s. He lived in Blackpool, England at the time but would visit London regularly. Since then, he had promised he would take me there. However, as life goes, something always came up.

First, we were in the waning years of the Lockerbie, Scotland explosion of Pan Am Flight 103. So, to say I was skittish to fly to Europe was an understatement. Then, we got married. We went to Jamaica for our honeymoon. We could not afford Europe. Next, children started to be born. Then next, we opened up a travel business. You would think this would have been our automatic inroads to travel further than the Caribbean but, no, then we became victims of 9/11. Travel literally stopped as George Bush stopped airline travel for a time. Needless to say, that event put us out of business immediately. There was private school tuition, old debts, and new debts. Next, we started our home healthcare agency in 2005. Those were many years of trial and error, mostly error, until 2017 when we finally began to get it right.

Fast forward, our oldest son went off to college in the fall of 2016. One of the main things I paid attention to at his orientation is that the administration encouraged students to study abroad. My husband and I zoned in on this and told our son we would gladly support this. With lots of reminding and pleading, our son finally decided he would study Spanish and Art in Valencia, Spain. This was finally our opportunity to travel overseas.

My son left North Carolina on June 26, 2019, headed to Paris, France and then connected a flight to Valencia, Spain. My husband, youngest son and I were slated to leave July 24, 2019. We couldn't wait.

In this era of a global pandemic, I have to recall the adventure and beauty of this monumental family trip. Stay tuned for more.

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