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Updated: Apr 12, 2020

So....., I am a big-time reader. This is a gross understatement. Allow me to be more transparent.

My name is Deirdre Pippins and I am a bookaholic.

I love the way books feel in my hand, their smell and their very presence. Books are all over my house and my office. Hardcovers, coffee table books, paperbacks, you name them; I've got them. Right, now I have a dozen new books and I will read them all. My favorite genres, not in any particular order, are historical fiction, contemporary fiction, and mystery/thrillers.

I can thank my mother, two older sisters and my elementary school librarian, Mrs. Ashworth, for this obsession. I have been reading books ever since I learned how. Books that I loved in my childhood include any Golden Book, the biography of Mary McCleod Bethune, Are You There God?; It's Me, Margaret, The Outsiders and many, many more.

Through the years, I've read winners and losers; there are more losers out there than winners, believe me. Each month on my Instagram Highlight, Reading Edit, I share the books I am reading. I am encouraging reading but then, I saw that I was not telling followers why they should read the books. I have never really found a good book review key so, I created my own. See my Fire Review scale below. As you can see, five flames are best and one flame is terrible. I also including plain English to guide the scale. Sometimes someone's five is another persons three. I hope with this scale will set a more balanced review so that readers, like me, can make better choices. Just double-click on an image to read what the rating is.

I have to play catch up, but I will review each book I read that is profiled on my Insta Reading Edit highlight. Enjoy!

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