Press Releases

Want the media to recognize your products, services or other annoucements?  Send a press release.  Press releases can lead to articles and/or interviews.

Social Media

Don't have time or know how to set up your social media account?  My team can take your branding and do the grunt work and make sure you look consistent on all platforms.

PR Distribution

A press release is no good if it just sits on your computer.  It has to be distributed.  Reach influencers, journalists, reporters and major media.

Website Build

Whether you need an informational or ecommerce website, we can create one for you with your unique branding and other specialties.

Alexa Skills

Ever wonder how businesses get on Alexa?  Oh, your business isn't?  Voice searches are on the verge of exploding.  Get on the ground floor.


Don't have a logo?  No colors or a special font style to represent your business?  No message? My team can package a consistent look for your brand that says who you are.

AI Chatbot

If you are struggling for sales or  looking to convert your visitors into email list subscribes, then install a chatbot on your website.  Ask me how!


Need content to move the crowd?  Then, you want an experienced copywriter to create the right "atmosphere" to move the reader to buy.